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About the Company

Synaptic Technologies Pvt Ltd is a premier web and application development company. At Synaptic, We deliver excellence for all type of business and every solution provided by us is unique and innovative. We provide a full range of web services.We are an excellent web design and development company with proven track record and excellent customer service.We have a team of highly skilled professionals who can design and develop website as per your needs.

  • Communication is our differential advantage. We are available round the clock and keep our clients updated with the work progress.
  • We are a team of highly skilled and professional developers.
  • We are very good with HTML/CSS and jQuery as well.
  • Over the time We have got a very strong portfo of work.
  • We used div based structure for writing HTML.
  • We make sure not to use any inline CSS.
  • We deliver fast loading and SEO optimized websites.
  • Our front-end developers pay attention to every minute detail in designs.

About our Team

We have a winning team comprising the best talent in the area of creative web designers,developers and SEO specialist who will go beyond the call of duty to make sure that they deliver world-class web solutions. Our team of experts has only one mission, to help you create and maintain a healthy and competitive presence on the World Wide Web.

  • We have a team of best in class 20 designers and developers. Our developers are very well versed with latest technologies used in web development.
  • 2 Project managers who make sure that every task is completed up to the highest quality mark.
  • We have 2 business development managers who always try to get some projects related to our expertise skill set.
  • We have 6 SEO members who work on SEO full time and we guarantee best results for you. We can easily work on any website and pull it up on google.
  • We have a team who works from our office from 10AM to 7PM IST.

The Road Ahead.

Past 6 years have been great learning experience for us. In this time we have worked with clients all across the globe. We have worked on all scales of projects ranging from professional blogs to custom developed applications. Over the time we can develop a friendly and family-like atmosphere in our office. We are hoping to reach a team of 40 professionals by the end of this year.

We have recently entered in the field of SEO, its been 6 months and now we have 6 SEO guys and have more then10 ongoing SEO jobs. Our team is highly expert in ON – Page Activities: and on OFF- page activities as well.

I was an MBA and a software expert who has the desire and after passing on lots of hurdles I just achieved what I desire to be.

I have started this company individually working parallelly with a real estate company. I used to sleep only a few hours , after having slept for 2-3 hours for a month I got an opportunity to prove myself before IT world and that’s the hit.

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