A multilingual WordPress Website.

A multilingual WordPress Website.

Our team has delivered a multilingual website having the feature to switch over the language tp another very easily. We have used a user-friendly backend even a nontechnical guy can easily edit any image, content as well.

As we all know we are highly expert in WordPress, We can do anything in it. Our most of the client refer us as WordPress wizard. 


The employer has provided us the PSD files and then we have coded it pixel perfect HTML/CSS code using Bootstrap so that website can render perfectly on all the electronic devices and after Convert that HTML/CSS into WordPress theme. I will create custom options so that you can easily update the theme.

Website backend has separate categories for all the three languages so that admin can change content by his own very easily, We do not use google to translate as we all know everything google convert is not perfect, we always get preposition mistakes.:)