A visit to Massorie.

A visit to Massorie.

Once in a year our COMPANY plans for a trip to the place which has been voted the most after having the voting system. First of all, every member of the team decides for the places where he wants to visit write it down on the slip .

Then we go ahead and select the slips which have most probability. Selecting only four out of 20 individual choices we start voting for the one by raising the hand. This all process was debatable, argumental but nothing serious. LOL.

We have planned all this on JUNE and after the voting, there was the name which is most voted and that was Mussoorie.

We have started our journey for Mussoorie on 8th of JULY and reached in the evening. Once we are there some of them just gone to bed exhausted after traveling. Some were so excited to explore new places and some of them started their usual stuff.

Visited all the places.