Email Marketing

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Send Query

Create List

In this section you can easily upload excel file with client emails. We have given 2 options to add clients in a list: 1.) Upload an excel file. 2.) Copy and past emails from any excel file and add them to list. You can create any number of lists but its always advisable to have only those subscribers who opt-in to your mailing list.

We have also given facility of Suppression list. This is the list of clients who you should not send any email. These are clients who constantly SPAM and reject your emails.

  • Crete any number of lists.
  • Easy upload of emails in a given list.
  • Create a suppression list and stay away from customers who DO NOT wish to get your emails.


Create Campaign 

This section allows you to create beautiful email campaigns and send across any create list. Our campaign builder is very simple to you. Here also you can upload a campaign using any of these 2 methods: 1.) upload an email template developed on your local machine. 2.) Select predefined emails templates and customise them to send it across.

  • Upload your custom developed email templates easily.
  • Choose from our pre-defined email templates.
  • Send across the selected list.
  • Simplicity – Entire process of creating a campaign and sending it across is a piece of cake.

Track Results

Result tracking system is also some thing which we are very proud of. You can track each and every link in a given campaign. Send test campaigns, choose the best one and track its results easily.

  • Track who unsubscribed from your mailing list.
  • Track each link in a given campaign.
  • Track open and click ratio.
  • We assure 100% deliverability.
  • If a client unsubscribes he/she will be automatically moved to unsubscribed list so you dont have to worry about customers who are opting out of your mailing list.